Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Computer Based Reservation System

Computer-Based Reservation Systems

Reservation Systems
  • Distinguish between affiliate from non-affiliate central reservation systems.
  • Identify the basic functions and services performed by a central reservation systems.
  • Describe the functions and features of the reservation module of a hotel property management system.
  • Describe management reports typically generated by a reservation module of a hotel property management system.

Global Distribution Systems
  • Joint ventures linking a number of diverse businesses
    • Hotel
    • Airline
    • Car rental
  • Internet or private network
    • Travel agencies
    • Public access

Intersell agencies
  • Reservation system that handles more then one product line
    • Handle more then one product line
    • Goal is to minimize suspense time
      • The time elapsed it the time of inquiry to response.

Central Reservation System
  • Affiliate Reservation System
    • A hotel chains central reservation system
      • Deal directly with the public
      • Maintain statistics
        • Talk time
        • Conversation rate = ratio of rooms sold to total of inquiries
        • Denial rate = ratio of reservation requests that were turned away
      • Overrun facility is property that can receive reservations when another chain exhausts room availability.

Central Reservation System
  • Non-affiliate reservation system
    • Subscription system linking independent properties
    • Communication of available rooms sent to the reservation system “openor “closed
  • Security issues
    • Room rates of competitors

Central Reservation system
  • Property-level Reservation Systems
  • Reservation records
    • Reservation inquiry
    • Determination of availability
    • Creation of reservation record
    • Confirmation of reservation
    • Maintenance of the reservation record
    • Report generation

Central Reservation System
  • Sample data maintained in a
    Central Reservation System.
    • Room types
    • Room Rates
    • Room Décor
    • Room Location
    • Promotional package
    • Travel agent discounts 

Central Reservation System
    • Alternative booking locations
    • Guest recognition programs
    • Special amenities

Reservation Inquiry Data
  • Date of arrival
  • Type and number of rooms requested
  • Number of room nights
  • Room rate code
  • Number of persons in party

Confirmation Letter
  • Confirmation of the Reservation
    • Guest names and addresses
    • Arrival date/time
    • Room types, number, rates
    • Number of nights
    • Number of persons in party
    • Reservation classification
    • Special services request

Confirmation Letter
    • Confirmation number
    • Request for deposit/payment
    • Update original reservation
    • Cancellation policy

  • A system update
    performs many of
    the same functions
    as a night audit

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